Tell City Council to provide Pandemic Pay to all workers—not just upper management.

April 23, 2020 / Comments (0)


It has come to our attention that city leaders in Riviera Beach have implemented a Pandemic Pay Policy that specifically excludes SEIU-represented workers. This special pay incentive is being awarded to upper management while leaving behind 75% of the City’s workforce that continues to provide essential services, while putting themselves and their families at risk. We are demanding Pandemic Pay for all workers who make sure our City continues to operate during this unprecedented crisis—not just upper management.

We are calling on the workers of Riviera Beach to tell City Council to do the right thing and extend Pandemic Pay to all bargaining units now!

Mayor Ronnie L. Felder
(561) 845-4095  |

Tradrick McCoy (District 1)
(561) 845-4095  |

KaShamba Miller-Anderson (District 2)
(561) 845-3684  |

Shirley D. Lanier (District 3)
(561) 845-4095  |

Dr. Julia Botel (District 4)
(561) 845-3683  |

Douglas Lawson (District 5)
561-845-4095  |