• Sharon Bryant, Transportation (West Compound)
  • Marie Line Joseph, Para Pro (Jaeger Middle)
  • Jane Brown-Holmes, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Debra Walker, Transportation (West Compound)
  • Carry Alderman, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Pauline Cochran, Transportation (North Compound)
  • Garry Modestime, Transportation (Central Compound)
  • Alysha Cosby, Para Professional (W.T. Dwyer High School)
  • Eduardo Nunez, Custodian (Dreyfoos High School)
  • Desire Desjardins, Custodian (Spanish River High School)
  • Frantz Lucien, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Jacquelin D. Griffith, Transportation (North Compound)
  • Cecil Guffey, Transportation (Central Compound)
  • Joyce Dorthy Harp, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Cassandra Johnson, Transportation (Royal Palm)
  • Joyce Lynch, Transportation (Royal Palm)
  • Cindy Stewart, Food Service Manager (North Grade Elementary)
  • Donna Schendera, Food Service Manager (South Grade Elementary)
  • Margaret Miller, Transportation (Royal Palm Compound)
  • Renee Hightower, Transportation (North Compound)
  • Wadiyah Spruil, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Rhonda Miller, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Virginia Brooks, Transportation (South Compound)
  • Henry Edward, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Natalie Lewis, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Evangeline Patterson, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Debra McGraw, Transportation (East Compound)
  • Stell Webb, Transportation (West Compound)

Contract Re Opener Ratification Vote

Contract reopener ratification vote for all SEIU FPSU bargaining will be on February 13th, 14th and 15th at the sites mention in the following flyers.

Following are the copies of the Tentative agreement

Contracts & Agreements


Health Insurance

Employer Address

3300 Forest Hill Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
(561) 434-8000