Union Chapter

The name of the Hillsborough Community College Chapter of SEIU is RESPECT. RESPECT is an acronym for:

  • Responsible
  • Empowerment for the
  • Systematic
  • Protection of
  • Employees through
  • Collective bargaining and
  • Teamwork

The mission of RESPECT is to speak with one voice for the dignity, honor, and respect of the classified employees (exempt and non-exempt) of Hillsborough Community College in all collective bargaining issues, and to represent the many who have limited access to the decision-making process at Hillsborough Community College.

Chapter Leaders

Please contact Joseph Brenner and Maria Jose if you want to be part of HCC Union Chapter.

Joseph Brenner
(561) 308-1919

Union Organizer

Aida Mackic

Isaline Boston

Contracts & Agreements

Employer Address

39 Columbia Dr
Tampa, FL 33606-3584
(813) 253-7000