SEIU-FPSU retirees possess a rich history within the labor movement and a passionate understanding of the vital role unions play within our society.

May 19 is the first bargaining session between the SEIU-Florida Public Services Union adjunct bargaining team and college administration on Ybor campus, Student Services building, YSSB309. (Parking available both on street and in visitor lot.)

After many meetings and diligent work, the union bargaining committee will be advancing our first proposal, one that includes significant wage increases to bring part-time faculty in line with full-time faculty per course compensation, continuing employment rights semester to semester, compensation for non-classroom work time, just cause in discipline cases, a grievance and binding arbitration procedure, paid sick time, access to college facilities on par with full-time staff, access to college daycare facilities for adjunct working parents, and much more.

This will be the first of likely many bargaining sessions between the union and the college. All sessions are public and we encourage all to attend. This is your contract, and you will be called on to participate going forward in order to ensure the strongest possible agreement, and a strong union going forward.

As you’re already aware, the college concedes nothing without worker demand. When we stick together, we win.