Alphonso Mayfield


  • Vice President for Operations: Brian “Cricket” Brehm
    Pinellas County School District
  • Vice President for Finance: Richard “Mac” MacDonald
    Pinellas County School District
  • Vice President for Political Strength: Cheryl Hamilton 
  • Vice President for Organizing: Brian “Cricket” Brehm
    City of St. Petersburg
  • Vice President for Member Strength: Fredrick English
    City of Orlando

Executive Board Members

Retiree Representative Talmadge Andrews, Statewide

Chapter Chair Leon Smiley

Vice Chapter Chair Paul Kirkland

Chief Steward Kevin Sablan

Chapter Secretary Marcus Kincade

Dir. of Organization Norm Penix

Dir. of Political Affairs Jose Santiago


Northern Region (Jacksonville) 

  • Robin Kirkpatrick, Other

Central Region (Orlando/Lake County)

  • Donald Graham, Cities Representative
  • Earnie Farnsworth, Schools Representative
  • Sandy Gamble, Member Size

Western Region (Pinellas/Hillsborough)

  • Jose Santiago, Other
  • Marcus Kincaid, Other
  • Leon Smiley, Member Density 1
  • Rebecca Dean, Schools Representative
  • Mike Plott, Member Size
  • Kevin Jackson, Cities Representative

Eastern Region (Palm Beach)

  • Joyce Lynch, Schools Representative
  • Cary Walker Alderman, Membership Size 1
  • Jane Brown, Membership Size 2
  • Eduardo Nunez, Membership Size 3
  • Maurice Spence, Member Density 2
  • George “Jorge” Torres, Other (Palm Tran)
  • Eliezer Torres, Member Density 1
  • Henry “Hank” Dean, Cities Representative