Big Strides In Community Wealth

May 15, 2019 / Comments (0)


Brothers and Sisters, SEIU FPSU has been making big strides in developing a community wealth program that allows us to take back our local economies. For decades, big industry and systemically bad laws have kept poor communities poor. However, with the help of our local partners we are beginning initiatives to stop this pattern from continuing. We will be investing into our communities through a pathway to success comprised of four elements; Better wages and local economic ownership, developing local economic engines, advocating economically sustainable politics and policy, and increasing education opportunities and civil engagement.

Together, with the communities help, we will be able to create a sustainable model that keeps capital in our communities and prevents industry from capitalizing on OUR assets.

How Is The Model Sustainable?

  1. All participating entities are independent from each other
  2. There are multiple streams of potential capital reducing dependencies on one channel of funding
  3. The community is not an end user, but a key producer in the system
  4. Cooperation agreements between the public and private spheres will ensure accountability to our communities