An Inspired Word

January 13, 2020 / Comments (0)


Do you want to have a glimpse in the life of an Adjunct? Read these inspired words:

We have seen our lives degraded in every aspect compromising every step to stay alive. Just like our diets with everything else. Eating chicken breast once ago we downgraded to thighs, then to drumsticks, then to chicken feet’s we don’t want to eat what’s below that.

This World is not perfect, we all are victims and co-conspirators. Our cause can’t go down quietly, we have reached the end of the ledge. The alternative is unacceptable to our surviving instincts. We are trying to avoid the abyss below.

We just want some quietness to the loud life of insolvency, insufficiency, and at times feelings of inadequacy that come when you lack a living wage despite your best efforts. We want quietness so we can focus more on what matters most which is our students.

JP Morgan showed in a recent study that people’s IQ degrades 1 standard deviation that is 13 points when stress such as economical stress is present. Can we have faculty up to their full potential? The answer is: only if we treat them as humans they are.

Tuition has gone up 2 ½ times in 20 years. Did we improve education 2 ½ times? Where did the increase go? Certainly not to the guys in the trenches the educators in charge of the implementation of quality education. Are we going back to feudal times with the degradation of wages? This country is only as great as the quality of its education.

Some would argue that students are not paying more, and that’s thanks to the illusion caused by subsidies and financial aid.

There is a myth that states that there is an overabundant offer of educators in the market place, but the truth is that there is an abundance of people with Masters and Ph.D. credentials with the potentiality to teach, but not everyone is an educator, many geniuses through history stand out because of their utter inability to teach.

We are career educators committed to doing what we love which is to make difficult subjects easy to understand. We are committed to our students, we thrive when they do. Are we losers because we chose education as a career? I would rather have career educators.

Won’t you support us by supporting our efforts? Won’t you help to quiet the noise of economic distress that hurt us and hurt our students? Are you for our students as we are? What is your answer?

We don’t feel superior because we have twice as much educational training than most. We have not greed but need, we have no want, but we have hope that you can see us as your fellow human race family and equally deserving of a dignifying living.

Many in their high castle can’t see reality up close, but you can. Let’s wake up, fellow brothers and sisters. We are one body and part of the body is hurting. Don’t let it get gangrene and let’s tend to it.